Yesterday, thanks to our newest team member, Jonathon Withrow, we had an opportunity to present FarmFreshWeb.Com to some folks in the local restaurant scene here in Asheville.  Jonathon (yes, that’s how his name is spelled) spoke with a staff person at AIR (Asheville Independent Restaurants) and some folks at Chestnut, where he used to work.

Our general concept is this: we can create a customized list of farmers that a restaurant is willing to order from and can even set up discounted wholesale pricing that those farmers are willing to offer restaurants.  Then, when the buyer for the restaurant wants to order, they log into FarmFreshWeb.Com and see only the vendors they’ve selected. We can even customize the payment and pick up rules on a restaurant-specific basis.

Since many restaurants want to add local food to their menus and be part of the farm-to-table movement, they’re willing to order from small local farms and farmers markets, even if it costs them a little more. But doing that adds a lot of work for them, so making it easier to get food from the farmers market can help restaurants offer more local food to their patrons.

We think this makes ordering from local farmers much easier for restaurants:

  1. They see the farmers and products they want and nothing else.  So they don’t have to wade through products they’re not interested in.
  2. All the farmers’ products are on a single webpage.  And even though they’re effectively ordering from multiple vendors, the ordering process is as simple as placing a single order.
  3. Inventory is always up-to-date.  When a buyer purchases something through the site, the inventory is adjusted accordingly.
  4. Farmers package up what’s ordered for easy pickup at the farmers market.  Or a restaurant can arrange for other delivery and payment options with the farmer directly.

Based on those discussions, we’re going to recruit both restaurants that are interested in using our service – which is free to them – and farmers who are willing to be the suppliers on this system. So if this is a concept you’re interested in, give us a call (704-996-5527) or drop an email to us at