Our New Farmer’s App – Ready for You

One of the things that’s been holding us back from recruiting more farmers and other farmers market vendors has the been the inventory and data entry process.  It was too complicated and time-consuming for most normal people to use.

But that’s all fixed now.

Our new app is now available for both Apple and Android phones and makes updating your product listing fast and easy.

On one tab – the one you’ll use most of the time – you can update the quantity, name and price of items just by changing the information and clicking the “Update” button.  One another, you can add full details and even add a product.  You can also take a picture with your phone and add it to the listing. (The third tab: “Deal/Events”) is for our shoppers app, to make it easy for you to make announcements to farmers market customers.  It will be ready in a few weeks.)

To find the app, search for “FFW” in the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes.

If you want to see how it works, click here for a video demonstration a:  http://bit.ly/FarmFreshWebFamersAppDemo.

And let us know if you have any suggestions to improve the app.  We think it’s great, but there’s always room for improvement!