Why Apps Should Be a Key Part of Your Farmers Market Marketing

More than 90% of your customer’s online time is on a phone or tablet. Apps can help you get a larger part of that time and get more attention for your market and your products. 

Apps are where it’s at

Regardless of whether you work with us or someone else – and there are over 100 apps related to farmers markets, with more coming – we want you to understand how important this technology can be to building your business.  

Frankly, it took me a while to appreciate this.

You see, I’m “seasoned marketing executive” who’s worked


at some very big companies and started a few of my own. But I’m also 61 years old and used to working on PCs. 

I’m also a big believer in marketing data. And when I looked at the research, it was overwhelming. More than 70% of web usage is on phones and that’s tiny compared to the amount of time people spend using mobile apps. 

So I had to change my thinking.

Apps live on the Phone

The first thing you can do with an app that you can't do with social media, is take up residence on the customer's phone. 

See the first icon in the second row? With one click, your customer can be immediately taken to your market and your postings. Which means that accessing farmers market information is much easier - literally one click away.

And even if they never actually click on the icon, we can get them to open the app, which is what the next point is all about...

App notifications demand attention

The next thing apps let you is actually ask for attention. 

Notifications show up on the customer's phone - even when it's not being used - and will often be announced with a tone. And clicking on them opens the app automatically.

Research shows that 90% of notifications get read and that most people never turn them off.

A simple reminder that the market is open is a great way to get more people to market.

Apps get on the phone's calendar!

In the next few weeks, our app will be able to ask your customer if they want to put the farmers market on their calendar (Apple and Google calendars only.) Which means that not only will customers get a reminder before the market, they'll see one every time they open their calendar. 

And that's for every week of the market season. 

We'll even ask them if they want a calendar reminder. And, yes, two reminders are better than one.

Apps can link to where you want to send your customers

Every message you post enables customers to interact with you in the ways that YOU choose. 

The options we've built so far: links to our website and yours to see what's on offer and pre-order, a link for sharing to friends, etc., and links to contact you by email, phone or text. 

We can turn any of these on or off or add new ones if you like.

Think of it as a Facebook feed that helps customers actually buy from you. 

The point of this post was to convince you that you need to use apps as part of your marketing strategy.

There are a number of options and companies available to help you with apps, and we’ll talk about those in a future email. But we think you should work with us. And we’ll close with these three reasons:

  1. Free to you and free to your customers (we’re going to pay for this with an advertising model);
  2. Easy to use. We’ll set you up and even automate your posting.
  3. A labor of love. We’re providing this service to help local farmers sell local food and local artisans sell local products. Which means we’re committed to helping make you successful.