Missing FarmFarn?

Photo by Ron Bennetts https://www.flickr.com/photos/ronbennetts/5516621911

If you’ve been using FarmFan to send text messages to your shoppers and are sad to see it go, we’ve got good news for you. 

For a limited time, FarmFreshWeb.Com will offer market managers free text messaging services to continue to provide reminders and updates to your text messaging list. 

By “limited time”, we mean that this offer won’t be forever. But our willingness to provide you with free text messaging will. 

You see, we thought that FarmFan was a great idea. A little over-priced, maybe, but we’re big proponents of sending reminders to shoppers to get them to market, too. And if you thought that FarmFan was a great idea, then you’re our kind of market manager – someone who’s open to new and creative ways to encourage shoppers to show up and buy. 

Here's the deal.

While it’s not exactly “no-strings attached”, it’s pretty close.  Here’s what we want from you:

  • Your participation in our FarmFreshWeb.Com program. That won’t cost you anything, but it does mean you’re agreeing to let your vendors and your shoppers know that you’re working with us. 
  • Encouraging your shoppers to download the FarmFreshWeb.Com app for shoppers. That won’t cost them anything, but it will send them reminders to go to the farmers market, as well as messages from you and your vendors. 
  • Your text messaging list.  We’ll upload it to our text messaging service and associate it with your email address. Then, when you send an email to the address we’ll give you, we’ll turn it into a text message and send the text to everyone on that list. 
  • Let us promote our app in those text messages. As part of the text we’ll send out for you, we’ll include an invitation to download the FarmFreshWeb app. Since the app promotes the market, this is another way to get your reminders in front of your shoppers. 
  • Switch to our app over time. While we were always planning to offer a text messaging service, our menus aren’t set up yet to support that. When they are, we’ll ask you to switch from sending us an email to using the app in order to send your text messages. 
  • Evolve with us. Our apps will keep improving over time, so we need you to adapt as we grow. But our objectives are yours: get more people to market to buy from your vendors.  So it’s a win-win-win!

And of course, you can quit at any time, the text messaging list always belongs to you*, and we’ll stop sending messages to your list as soon as you tell us. So there’s no long-term commitment, no cost and no risk. 

Here's how to get started.

info@farmfreshweb.comGetting started couldn’t be easier.  Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Contact us. Just send an email to info@farmfreshweb.com and we’ll contact you. 
  2. Send us your list and the email address you’ll use to send text messages to that list. 
  3. We’ll provide you with a text messaging email address. 
  4. Send your text messages to the email address we give you and we’ll send out the text messages. 
  5. That’s it.  Done. 

For a complete description of our Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy, go here: www.farmfreshweb.com/termsofservice/