Who Are You?

We’re computer service geeks who are passionate about local food.  And we’re passionate about the farmers who grow that food.  We’re also startup junkies. We’ve created three companies in the past 20 years, so FarmFreshWeb.Com is our 4th.

We’re also marketing experts.  We’ve led sales and marketing teams for companies like Verizon, MCI and Sprint, as well as a number of much smaller companies.

FarmFreshWeb.Com is our first venture into the world of local food.  But we’ve been buying local food and supporting local farmers for more than 10 years.

What is FarmFreshWeb.Com?

It’s a marketing service for local farmers and vendors at farmers markets. 

We started with the Open Food Network (OFN), an “open source” software project created in Australia.  OFN took 4+ years of development and over $500,000 in development funding.  It’s already being used by hundreds of food hubs and farmers and thousands of customers in Australia, the UK, France, Canada and other places around the world.

We’ve customized the software to work for US Farmers Markets and combined it with advanced marketing tools, like “push notification”, text messaging, email newsletters, and more. But customizing costs a lot less than starting from scratch, which keeps our costs low.

But forget about the technical stuff.  Here’s what matters: it’s a marketing service that will bring you more customers and more sales.  And because it’s based on existing, free software, we think it will be the least expensive online marketing available.

How Will You Bring In Customers?

We’re going to get more people into farmers markets.  

  • We’ll be advertising on public radio, Facebook, Google AdWords and other places;
  • We’ll get press coverage in local newspapers, magazines and radio stations;
  • We’ll reach out to local blogs and get them to talk about us;
  • And our referral program will get customers to bring in their friends and family.

And we’ll get existing customers to come more often:

  • Push notifications, text messages and emails will remind them when markets are open;
  • Email newsletters will show them what’s available;
  • And more reminders will remind them to pick up their orders.

Will People Really Use FarmFreshWeb.Com?

Yes – and they’ll buy more!

While no one else does what we do for farmers markets, there are several websites for food hubs around the US.  We’ve talked to all the ones we could find.  And they tell us that online listing services can boost sales by 10% – 15%.

We’ve also done surveys of consumers and they tell us that almost 40% of shoppers will use a website like FarmFreshWeb.Com and will buy more products and buy more often if a service like ours is available.

What Do Farmers And Other Vendors Need To Do?

Using FarmFreshWeb.Com is simple.  Here’s all you need to do:

  • Tell us what you want to sell.  We’ll get it set up.  It helps if you have pictures and descriptions of your business and your products, but we can even help with that.
  • Keep your inventory up to date.  Every week, we’ll ask you to check and make sure you’re only selling things you actually have.  If that seems challenging, just list the things you’re sure you’ll have available.
  • Be ready to fill the order.  Every week, we’ll email you a list of what people ordered.  Just package it up so you can hand it to them when they get to market.

What Does FarmFreshWeb.Com Cost?

  • Nothing until Spring.
  • When the Spring season starts, we plan to charge $5 per week (billed monthly).
  • But there’s no charge unless you get orders!  Which means you can’t lose.
  • And that’s it.  No commissions, no add-ons, nothing extra.

What About No-Shows?

If customers don’t get to market to pick up their order, we’ve gotten a credit card from them to secure the order.  So you get paid, regardless.  (We may ask you for the product and deliver it to the customer, but that’s a detail we’re still working out.)