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Put our marketing tools to work for you – for free!​

Our Shoppers App gives market managers a powerful platform to deliver messages to shoppers, quickly and easily.  With  calendar appointments, push notifications, text messaging and messages within the app, we help you remind shoppers and offer them incentives to come to market.

To encourage shoppers to download the shoppers app, the app offers recipes and a shopping list feature to help use seasonal ingredients they can find at your market.  In the next few months, we’ll add a food mileage calculator, a lookup tool to learn about exciting new vegetables, and substitution function, so they can swap sweet potato greens for spinach (for example.)

To manage the messages you send to shoppers, our “farmers” app gives you everything you need to create and send messages. And we’re adding other tools just for market managers, such as an easy new way to count shoppers. We’re even going to create an app just for market managers. 

Finally, our other tools get you more attention: with web sites, email & blogs, SEO & more.

Get your vendors on board, and they’ll create content and offers to get shoppers’ attention.  Then get your shoppers to download our shoppers app for them and watch your traffic grow.

The shoppers app, with the messages you and your vendors send, will help turn occasional visitors into regulars. And our website building and hosting, Search Engine Optimization, social media integration, text, email and web push notifications, will help get you more visitors, week after week.

And everything we offer market managers is free!

So get the Farmers App, sign up and get started today!

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